What’s great about our Fired Up Grants program, other than the fact that we typically help our clients raise $100,000 or more in new funding during the engagement, is that we have a system in place to manage all of the moving parts and keep you focused on the relationships.

Well, that AND the fact that we are extremely talented, story-driven, impact-focused proposal and report writers.

Yes, you read that right, if you are a Fired Up Grants client then we will write your reports AND your proposals. And, we’ll bring you 1-2 new prospects per month to keep your portfolio current and growing.

A Fired Up Grants engagement lasts a minimum of six months and can go on for years, providing a long-term solution for your institutional funding portfolio. 


Needing to expand their in-house capacity, Bread for the City was looking to outsource their grant writing. But with our Fired Up Grants service, they gained an experienced thought partner who has helped them generate nearly $12 million in revenue in four years. Read more about how our Fired Up Grants helped increase their revenue →