A Pipeline Push project helps you find funding prospects (either institutional or individual) and guides you in cultivating those prospects for future funding. 

With your organization's mission, priorities, and desired audience as a foundation, we springboard your Pipeline Push with intensive prospect research. Then, we collaborate closely with you to strategically map your networks to identify connections to those prospects. 

Once we know who to talk to and how to catch their attention, we guide you through the process of cultivating meaningful relationships, converting prospects from phase to phase in your pipeline, and developing detailed content to support this outreach. This work gets done in bi-weekly meetings and tracked in our project management portal of Asana.

If you’re unsure of which type of project (institutional or individual) will garner the most financial stability for your organization, we will happily guide you to a recommendation that will fit your needs. This engagement typically lasts three to six months.


Growing your fundraising revenue is hard. How, with everything else on your plate, are you supposed to find time to research the donor landscape, engage prospective investors, and convince them to see you as an asset? Fair Budget Coalition engaged Spark Point to help them build out their foundation funding pipeline, and with our Pipeline Push service raised more than $370,000 in new funding in just one year. Learn how we helped Fair Budget Coalition grow their foundation revenue →