Spark Point Update: Check Us Out in “Successful Fundraising!”

In August of this year, Spark Point founder Whitney Brimfield was featured in Successful Fundraising, a monthly report of fundraising ideas, strategies, and management issues. In the section that focuses on donor acquisition, Kerry Nenn wrote “Five Strategies to Acquire New Donors.” Here, Brimfield gives advice on engaging millennial donors: “Organizations haven’t fully engaged with the fact that millennials are a driving force behind philanthropy. They aren’t giving large amounts as individuals, but as a group they are” (Nenn, Kerry. “Five Strategies to Acquire New Donors.” Successful Fundraising XXII.8 (2015): 6. Online.).

Brimfield goes on to describe how millennial behavior affects their participation. For example, millennials tend to value issues over organizations, so it is vital to focus on how your impact and mission relate to their lives and personal relationships. Additionally, using storytelling as a strategy to communicate the immediate impact of their participation is vital for encouraging repeat giving. Finally, since millennials struggle more financially than other age demographics, make sure to offer other types of opportunities for giving, such as volunteering their time or utilizing their own networks to advance the cause.

Other strategies included in this piece are tips on retrospective analysis, the contact capture process, and deploying an e-mail communication series. To read the publication in full and receive monthly reports, subscribe to Successful Fundraising here!

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