We’re Spark Point


We Equip Organizations to Ignite Social Change and Build a More Just World

We’re passionate about the work we do: advancing the work of world-changing organizations, and increasing their impact with our expertise. 

We exist to ignite a spark, to give our clients newfound energy and enthusiasm for the fundraising and grant writing efforts that propel their missions.

We are champions for ‌organizations working hard so their communities can thrive. Our values are the fuel that drives us. 


KindnessWe aim to always treat each other and our clients with kindness and care, respecting our shared humanity and making space for our varied life experiences. It’s infused into everything we do.

IngenuityThe same old, same old doesn’t fly. We know what works, but we also know areas for improvement when we see them. We don’t rest on our laurels; we plant new seeds.

IntegrityWe operate with an unabashed commitment to honesty and justice. We honor the commitments we have made to our clients, because we value the trust you have invested in us.


EquityWe are ambassadors for equity and have a deep commitment to creating a level playing field, both within and beyond our company.

Nonprofit SectorWe understand and value the nonprofit sector for its ability to change the world in meaningful and important ways.

A Commitment to Ending Racism – Our commitment to equity is not superficial. We, like many organizations, are on a journey to eliminate racism and White supremacy from our operations. 

Everyone has something meaningful to contribute. And we empower everyone to learn and grow. That’s how we foster change that endures.

Join us by emailing work@spark-point.com to see if we have any openings.

Our Team


Whitney Brimfield

Founder & CEO

Whitney knows how to get things done. With more than 20 years of experience, she can cut through the clutter, identify opportunities, and guide you to the right fundraising strategies to fuel your mission now and in the future.

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Calvin Koon-Stack

Director of Foundation Strategy

Calvin is driven by stories—finding them, telling them, and making them come to life. With strong digital expertise and a commitment to impact-driven communication, Calvin is the person you want helping you tell your story.

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Bre Swims

Managing Director

Bre solves problems – and if a solution doesn’t exist, she will build one herself. A seasoned political operative with years of experience managing people, systems, and budgets, Bre is the one you want keeping an eye on operations so that Spark Point can deliver for you.


Coryn Harris

Director of Fundraising Strategy

Coryn knows the reality and challenges of leading a fundraising effort. She is a strategist with almost two decades of front-line fundraising experience, giving her a deep understanding of the work. 


Hannah Paton

Senior Grant Writer

Hannah sees connections. With experience that spans public health, higher education, economic development, and more, she has the perspective you need to connect the dots between your work and your funders’ interests for winning grant proposals.

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Caroline Santos

Operations and Marketing Manager

Caroline knows support is key to success. Her attentiveness, passion for teamwork, and thoughtful communication will help keep you on-track to meeting – and exceeding! – your fundraising goals.

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Mike Sinck

Senior Grant Writer

Mike knows the right words matter. He is always listening for the language that will help funders see your organization’s work and mission clearly – and motivate them to act.

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Sera Gorucu

Client Manager & Strategy Specialist

Sera is an advocate. With a thoughtful approach and a keen eye for detail, she is dedicated to getting your voice heard – helping drive resources to your mission, and your community.


Billy Kennedy

Senior Operations Associate

Billy prides himself in finding connections where others only see difference. With his experience in health education, digital marketing, social science research, international development, and project management systems, he has the empathy and know-how to not only meet you wherever you are on your journey, but also to organize your work in a way that will keep you on-track towards your fundraising goals.

Bri's Professional Headshot (1)

Briyana Mondesir

Grant Writer

Briyana is a full-time changemaker. She is committed to helping fellow advocates tell their stories in a compelling and exciting manner to garner support for their missions.

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Madeline Smith

Grant Writer

Madeline sees the big picture. She sorts through complex ideas, identifying clear goals and concise narratives to help you achieve your vision and illuminate your organization’s mission.

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Maddy Atmore

Senior Grant Writer

A writer since their early years, Maddy believes in the power of dreams and imagination. Coupled with a strong background in fundraising consulting and a knack for helping organizations find their unique voice, Maddy is the right partner to help transform your big-picture visions into tangible support.


Lucas Jemison

Senior Grant Writer

Lucas is a listener and a doer. With experience in both the nonprofit industry and the education field, he has cultivated the ability to make organizations feel heard, help them communicate their challenges, and guide them to success.


Nadia Elamin

Operations Associate

Nadia is dedicated to excellence, and she understands the pivotal role of support in client success. Her enthusiasm for collaboration, attention to detail, and clear communication ensures that clients are on-track to meet their fundraising goals.


Sydney Joseph

Grant Writer

Sydney is a storyteller. She recognizes your organization’s intrinsic worth and strives to shift power from funders to grantseekers through compelling, authentic, and accurate proposals – because your story deserves to be heard.

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Kalen Busby

Grant Writer

Kalen is a business-minded creative. They balance the complexities of big picture projects with a keen eye for detail.