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Spark Point Fundraising is a full-service development firm with a commitment to equity and impact. Let us help you find the spark you need to ignite change in your community.

Are you looking for a talented and experienced grant writer?

Spark Point’s team has more than 20 years of experience writing and managing grants—but our expertise goes much deeper than that. We seek to spark a match between your organization’s mission and your potential funder’s goals, leading to sustainable partnerships that ignite lasting change.

Do you need fresh energy and expertise to reinvigorate your fundraising?

Spark Point develops custom fundraising strategies tailored to your organization’s unique goals and challenges. With our positive attitude and fresh perspective, we are ready to help you cut through the clutter to find funders who will not simply donate, but truly invest in your cause.”

Do you need motivation and support for your fundraising efforts?

Spark Point provides hands-on coaching for nonprofit leaders to build fundraising confidence and capacity. By focusing on appreciation of your funders’ investments—both gratitude for their contributions and growth through your impact—we can help you cultivate, manage, and maintain the vital relationships that lead to sustainability and success for your organization.


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Achieving Growth Goals

Securing Almost $12M in Funding

Adapting to a Changing Landscape



Alicia Hullinger


"I am so appreciative of Spark Point's partnership, optimistic team, and assistance in navigating a complex and competitive fundraising landscape. With Spark Point by my side, I was able to focus on the internal strategy work that my organization needed. I will certainly miss working with these dedicated, authentic, and tenacious experts!"


Koube Ngaaje


"DASH began working with Whitney and her team in 2019. Throughout that time, I've been impressed by their collective skill in the full-cycle of non-profit fundraising - from strategy design to implementation and stewardship. With a lens on equity and impact, Spark Point took the time to learn the unique needs of DASH and effectively assisted in the delivery of successful high-yield campaign that surpassed year-end target goals by over 20%!"


Kathleen Mogelgaard


"At a time when we were seeking to diversify our revenue and build our fundraising infrastructure, the recommendations that came from our Spark Time engagement helped set us on a strategic path to pursue our goals. The analysis and recommendations that we received are resources we rely on to meet our needs. We’re grateful to have worked with Spark Point!"


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