We’re looking for a Content Marketing Consultant!

Spark Point Fundraising is seeking a consultant to create and implement a content marketing strategy based on our marketing goals and desire to build our profile as a thought leader. The ideal candidate will have at least three years of experience conducting social media and content marketing work, have some understanding of the nonprofit sector, and have demonstrated success working with small businesses to achieve thought leadership. We have a broad vision, but we are seeking expertise and recommendations for how to achieve it. If you’re up to the challenge, send us a proposal by August 31, 2018!

Our primary goals for social media engagement include:

  • Leveraging social media as a means of lead generation, particularly among nonprofits in the DC metro area, with secondary audiences in North Carolina and nationally
  • Developing and maintaining a reputation as a thought leader in nonprofit fundraising, particularly in grant writing

Proposal Guidelines. Please provide us with a brief write-up of how you would help us to achieve these goals, roughly five pages. Currently, we use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We also use Insightly (CRM) and Asana (project management). Our website is WordPress-based. You may reference these tools in your proposal or make suggestions for alternatives, as appropriate. As part of your proposal, please mention:

  • Why you see a fit between your work and Spark Point’s goals
  • The tactics you would consider implementing
  • The metrics you would use to gauge progress
  • A rough but realistic timeline, which may include a warm-up and full-capacity phase
    • Please let us know what you recommend for the length of the initial contract based on this timeline.
  • Your process for onboarding, supporting, and communicating with clients
  • Additional details about how you would help us reach our goals
  • A comprehensive description of your fees and billing schedule, using the budget above as a guide, but also educating us on the reasonable cost of the services we are requesting.

Samples of Work. In addition to the proposal, we ask that you provide:

  • Two examples of similar projects, detailing the results you achieved and including corresponding references
  • A brief review of our social media, mentioning three things that stand out—both good and bad

Budget: $2,000-2,500/month

About Us

Spark Point Fundraising is a boutique fundraising firm with a commitment to equity and impact. We work with clients in health care, human services, workforce development, the arts, and other critical sectors that help our neighbors and communities thrive. We focus our efforts on providing outsourced grant writing, helping small nonprofits build effective and efficient strategies, and providing coaching and counsel to nonprofit staff.

Please direct your proposals to calvin@spark-point.com and include “Content Marketing Consultant” in the subject line. Additional questions are encouraged. Submission deadline is August 31, 2018.