#BlackWomenSparkChange: Celebrating the First Year

Inspired by the racial justice uprisings of 2020, the inequity laid bare by the pandemic, and our commitment to anti-racism, we started the #BlackWomenSparkChange campaign in August of 2020. Our goal has always been to celebrate the stories, voices, and leadership of Black women in the nonprofit sector. 

Not only did the social climate of last summer compel us to take a stand, but the economic reality of the pandemic forced us to confront the disparity in who has access to funding. Initiatives like the Payroll Protection Program systematically overlooked small businesses and nonprofits in favor of larger companies, and those led by white leaders. In addition, the philanthropic sector remains steeped in white supremacy and inequity. This remains true while, across the country, Black women are leading the way in finding and offering solutions t the problems that affect their communities. They are, as many women of color do, solving the problems created by their oppressors.

Since the start of the campaign we have featured the stories of 43 Black women in the nonprofit sector. While all of the women who’s stories we’ve shared are strong and talented leaders in the nonprofit sector, they touch a wide variety of issues, including healthcare, foster care, education, housing insecurity, and much, much more. Still, there are similarities in their stories. One of the most common recurring themes is perseverance in the face of adversity. Over and over those who’s stories we’ve shared have faced discrimination or trauma, and come out on the other side with more confidence and more resilience. Spark Point is honored to be able to play a part in telling these stories, and we look forward to many more years of the #BlackWomenSparkChange campaign.

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