Global BrightLight Foundation

They thought they needed a grant writer, but grants are just one piece of the puzzle. Through deep collaboration, Spark Point identified hidden gaps, helping to secure more than $50,000 in new funding.

A little bit of power makes a world of difference.

By providing affordable and practical solar energy solutions to people who lack access to electricity, the Global BrightLight Foundation is able to improve health, education, and the economy in communities throughout the global south.

When the foundation refocused its efforts in Latin America in 2016, they knew that they would need an experienced and talented grant writer to join their team—and Spark Point was more than up for the job. But while the foundation was only seeking a grant writer, what they found was a true fundraising partner.

At Spark Point, we believe that your mission is our mission, and we work hard to bring the same energy and passion to your cause that our client’s bring every day.

By collaborating with the team at the Global BrightLight Foundation, we discovered their new CEO was eager to learn more about fundraising. Spark Point responded with a cost-effective plan to provide hands-on coaching, which helped to build the foundation’s internal capacity at managing relationships with funders—without breaking the bank.

Spark Point empowered the Global BrightLight Foundation with prospect research on potential funders, guidance on how to conduct outreach and build relationships, and grant writing support. Together, we were able to secure more than $50,000 in new funding within the first six months—and the foundation’s team now has confidence and skill necessary to achieve future success.

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