When we met with My Sister’s Place—DC’s oldest domestic violence shelter—we learned that 75% of their fundraising revenue came from government grants.

Despite having an active donor base and strong reputation with peer organizations and clients, government grant writing left their Executive Director with little time to engage new, lapsed, or existing donors.

In need of quick and affordable advice, My Sister's Place chose Spark Point’s Spark Time, a strategic, cost effective, and efficient evaluation of an organization’s fundraising strategy. We asked their team to complete an online questionnaire, and then set about analyzing the data. After presenting our findings to them, we discussed our recommendations, answered their questions, and left them with actionable advice that could be implemented quickly to achieve their fundraising goals.

Spark Time gave their leadership an insight into her organization’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling her to identify unnoticed challenges and considerable opportunities.

It also gave her the data and information she needed to convince her board to invest in more fundraising support. Fully persuaded, she now has the board's backing to hire a Development Director. With this new role, the Executive Director will be able to move government grant writing off her plate, and focus on strategy and growth.


“Our experience with Spark Point’s Spark Time was invaluable. It gave us a clear picture of where our fundraising activities were lacking and a plan to move forward. The insights and recommendations we gained from the Spark Time presentation helped us make the case to our Board of Directors to increase our investment in fundraising resources. Overall, if you are looking for a solution that helps you take your fundraising to the next level with insight from a highly-experienced fundraising team at a great value, Spark Time is a great solution.”


Mercedes Lemp, Executive Director
My Sister's Place, Washington DC

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