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Do you know what your funding model is?

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Every organization has a funding model, and understanding yours and enhancing it to suit your needs is vital to your organization's sustainability. At Spark Point, our years of experience enable us to analyze your organization's funding model to identify gaps and opportunities and build a strategy that maximizes results.

Does your organization currently need to identify new funding prospects?

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Spark Point has helped organizations in many different sectors identify new funding prospects. By learning more about your organization, its mission, and your goals, we can identify specific funders that are likely to support your organization and conduct network mapping to help you zero in on the best approach to building new funder relationships.

How confident are you when communicating with potential funders for the first time?

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First impressions matter, particularly with potential funders. Spark Point helps you start the conversation with confidence by providing clear talking points and developing key documents that empower you to make a lasting impression.

Does your team have a plan to cultivate new relationships?

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A good first impression can get your foot in the door, but proving your value to a funder takes time. Spark Point helps cultivate relationships with funders by developing custom outreach strategies and providing hands-on coaching, empowering you to build and maintain strong relationships with funders.

Is your team successful in soliciting support from foundations and other funders?

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With more than 20 years of grant writing experience and $30+ million raised, Spark Point's team has the expertise you need to craft a winning grant proposal. We specialize in working with institutional funders - foundations, government agencies, and corporations - that can make significant, long-term investments in your organization.

Does your team have a plan to steward current relationships?

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Having a funder stewardship strategy is essential to maintaining the critical investor relationships that sustain your organization. To help your organization stay top-of-mind with current investors, we provide grant reporting, guidance on relationship management, and strategic positioning services -- leading to repeat investment and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Self-Assessment Quiz
You're just getting started...and we'd like to help!
It sounds like your fundraising is just getting started. You have several big questions about fundraising, and you could use an expert to demystify the process and get your organization on the path to sustainability and success. At Spark Point Fundraising, our seasoned team does just that -- and we're ready to tackle any challenge to help your organization succeed in its mission.
You're well on your way!
It looks like your organization is well on its way to fundraising success, but a few key gaps are preventing you from getting the most out of your fundraising strategy. At Spark Point Fundraising, our goal is to maximize your success, and we can help you think strategically about fundraising, grant writing, and relationship management to help you achieve your goals.
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