Ignite Program

Kickstarting Your Nonprofit’s Mission for Change

Ignite Program is our pro-bono offering to organizations that need a jumpstart in their funding journey. 

Born out of a desire to serve those who are affected by structural racism and other systemic inequities in securing funding, Ignite serves nonprofits with specific funding resources to boost success.

How It Works

Chosen applicants elect to receive a Spark Time assessment or Letter of Inquiry to get their grant-seeking and fundraising strategy off the ground.

Applicants are reviewed and chosen by a fellow nonprofit leader. Five applicants are chosen at a time, with Spark Point providing our services to one chosen applicant per quarter.

Set Your Grant-Seeking Mission in Motion

At Spark Point, we believe everyone who is driven to enact change should have the opportunity, resources, and support to do so. Ignite is our contribution to organizations dedicated to doing the work.

Learn More about our Ignite Program

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