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Go Where the Market Takes You…And Bring Your Passion With You

By Spark Point / September 21, 2015

Spark Point’s newest hire discusses job hunting, applications, and how fundraising skills can help your career even if it’s not what you originally pictured for yourself. 

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Self Care for Fundraisers

By Spark Point / September 15, 2015

Almost everyone in the nonprofit world is stressed out, but fundraisers have it especially rough. Click here to see how we execute self care and let us know your methods, too!

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Spark Point News

By Spark Point / September 9, 2015

See what we’ve been up to! And don’t miss anymore updates. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter here: 

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Summer is ending … time to start planning your year-end fundraising campaign!

By Spark Point / August 24, 2015

When summer wanes, you know year end fundraising is coming. Stay ahead of the curve by following out step by step guide. 

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We’re hiring!

By Spark Point / June 1, 2015

Looking for a short-term fellowship? Spark Point is looking to hire!

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What Brookings Did Right

By Spark Point / November 7, 2014

What can we learn from Brookings? Multiple donors, absolute transparency, and strong policies are just a start. 

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The Millennial Moment

By Spark Point / October 2, 2014

Millennials are influencing all aspects of our economy and they want to be engaged with causes in everything they do. Learn how to seize the millennial moment here. 

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The Twitter Buy Button … and more about social media and fundraising

By Spark Point / September 18, 2014

If your organization’s capacity is limited and you don’t know where to start with building social media into your fundraising strategy, here are some quick tips and things to consider.

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Secrets to Never Missing Another Fundraising Opportunity

By Spark Point / September 11, 2014

With these four basic tools in place, you will set yourself up for fundraising success and never miss another opportunity!

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ISO … A Great Development Director

By Spark Point / September 4, 2014

Before and during your search: this is what you need to know!

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