Spark Point News: Fall Edition!

Fall is such a busy time for fundraisers! We are busy implementing year-end campaigns, getting grant proposals in on time, and working with clients on plans for 2016. Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to.

Spark Point News

  • Weekly Networking: Every Tuesday from 12pm-1pm EST, we participate in a #grantchat on Twitter. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other fundraising professionals, as well as get answers to common problems that we all face. Join us!
  • Celebrating Mentors: Recently, Elizabeth Lower-Basch of the Center for Law and Social Policy, was featured on an NPR piece about the Supplemental Poverty Measure.
  • Growing Presence: Since September, we’ve expanded our audience by 73%, and added a LinkedIn page that needs some love. Follow it here!
  • #ClientAppreciation: The past few weeks, we have tried to make sure our clients know how much we appreciate them! See below 🙂

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New Client Spotlight!

We are thrilled to be working with our newest clients! The SOLD Project prevents child trafficking by providing scholarships and resources for children at risk. The Bogliasco Foundation supports the arts and humanities by providing residential fellowships at its study center in Italy.

Spark Point Campaigns!

  • #SparkSmart: Starting TODAY, we will be releasing a #SparkSmart fundraising tip every Tuesday at 8:30am EST! Attractive, reliable, and easy-to-read, our bite-sized #SparkSmart tips will show up on your newsfeed right when you need them, bringing motivation to your workday and offering advice that is backed by an established professional. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn (see bottom of this page) to get #SparkSmart!
  • #FAQFundraising: For the month of November, we will be collecting your FAQ’s about all things fundraising! In December, Spark Point’s founder Whitney Brimfield will answer the top questions in a blog post. Have a question about donor acquisition, board management, planning successful events, or building funder relationships? Ask a question using the hashtag #FAQFundraising OR submit an anonymous question using our Google Form!

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