Your #FAQFundraising Answers! (Part One)

Hello! And welcome to our #FAQFundraising Blog, wherein we answer questions about fundraising that our fantastic followers submitted via Twitter and Facebook. Hold onto your hats.

What is the best way to get people invested in your cause?

That’s easy — show them your mission in action. Invite them to a tour, volunteer hour, performance, or just a small gathering with your Executive Director. @@Whatever is the best way to showcase your organization’s impact that will enable people to interact directly with your work is the best way to get people invested.@@ And don’t forget to send them home with some material that briefly reminds them of your impact over the past year — whether that’s an annual report or a one-page list of your accomplishments. The goal here is to share your passion and make it contagious.

Is asking for donations for a holiday project on ‘Giving Tuesday’ tacky or good?

Clearly this question came in before December 1 and this person didn’t see our blog about Giving Tuesday. I’m not sure what the definition of “holiday project” is in this question. @@I think it’s totally fine to fundraise for a nonprofit or mission-focused enterprise during this time of year.@@ After all, everyone is asking now, so people are in the habit of being asked and giving. However, everyone is asking now, so there’s a lot of “noise” to cut through, and it might be difficult to do so with a project or program that doesn’t have a strong brand or following.

I need tips to help fundraise I’m not very good at it.

Everyone can use some simple tips. Luckily, we wrote a blog with some general tips not that long ago. Check it out!
Thanks for submitting your questions. Keep them coming! (PS: Keep your eyes peeled for #FAQFundraising Answers Part Two next week.)

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