What Do You Love About Fundraising?

Fundraisers work hard, and our job is almost never easy. @@It’s our affinity for the profession that keeps us going.@@ So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked our followers what they love about fundraising. Enjoy!

What I <3 about fundraising: getting to connect donors’ passions with amazing causes. (@marcapitman)

I love fundraising because we all have something important ($, time, connections) to give to our favorite causes. (@ahcarney)

What I <3 about fundraising: constructing solutions though creative analysis and donor engagement. (@BPfundraising)

Love when a board member has never been part of an ask, gets a gift and gets the power of philanthropy! (@walkeraten)

What I <3 about fundraising is helping to facilitate community investment – investment that is measured in community impact. (@kimberlylauth)

This last one is from Spark Point’s founder:

Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

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