#SnowvWade: Putting the Fun Back in Fundraising

Photo credit to Taylor Tuckerman. 
Photo credit to Taylor Tuckerman.

All fundraising professionals have their tried and true methods of how to raise money: well-timed asks, persistent donor stewardship, board involvement, the list goes on. That said, @@when a new opportunity for creative fundraising arises, it’s a welcome change of pace.@@

When the aggressive snowstorm Jonas hit the east coast last week, it seemed like the perfect time to just cuddle up inside until it passed. But for those who were celebrating the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade that took place on Friday January 22, the impending snowstorm was a chance to pay it forward for women in need. Communications Director of DC’s Reproductive Health Reality Check, Rachel Perrone, tweeted:

And pledge they did. Within hours, fellow supports were promising to donate various amounts per inch, ranging from $2 to $15. In addition to the importance of contributing on the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision, donors noted that clinic closures due to weather delay patient care, thus making it more expensive for those needing immediate attention. @@Undue costs such as traveling and rescheduling meant that donations were needed more than ever.@@

Photo credit to Taylor Tuckerman. Photo credit to Taylor Tuckerman.

The blizzard responded accordingly. With the 20+ inches of snowfall, the DC Abortion Fund raised almost $4,000, according to a tweet from RH Reality Check. However, DCAF was not the only beneficiary. Donors up and down the east coast contributed to their local clinics as well as the providers in their hometowns. A quick scan of #SnowvWade on Twitter reveals donations in Baltimore, New York, eastern Massachusetts, northern Texas, Virginia, and national organizations that give financial aid for reproductive health services.

Taylor Tuckerman, a DC resident and women’s rights activist, pledged $4 for every inch of snow. She posted this photo on Facebook with the caption, “Final score, 21 inches = $85 for DCAF!” When asked why she chose to participate, Tuckerman said, “What better way to… counter the frustration of being snowed in for a day than to help provide financial assistance for those seeking abortions, especially for those who would have to reschedule due to the storm!  Not to mention it made measuring the accumulating inches/feet of snow way more fun.”

@@For donors and fundraisers alike, #SnowvWade was a fresh reminder about what can happen when passion meets the power of shared experiences.@@ It was also a nudge to those who feel stuck in a fundraising rut.  Sometimes, all you need to do is search your heart and go outside. The rest will come to you.

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