We’re looking to hire an Operations Associate! Come work with us.

Position Title: Operations Associate

Time Commitment: 35 hours/week; Full Time

Reports To: Managing Director

Core Work Hours: Spark Point’s core working hours are Monday through Friday from 10AM to 6PM EST, with client-facing meetings occurring, primarily, Tuesdays through Thursdays. Staff are permitted to work remotely at their discretion as long as they consult with their supervisor in advance. Staff are permitted one hour daily for lunch.

Overview: Spark Point Fundraising is a growing consulting firm that has a strong reputation of building powerful relationships with clients, being responsive and flexible in meeting their needs, and providing thoughtful and strategic guidance on their fundraising efforts. 

Job Description: The Operations Associate will be a part of the Operations team. They will help the company complete internal projects that support strategic growth and operations. Additionally, the Operations Associate will be a key member of client-facing teams, have the opportunity to attend events (both virtual and in-person, depending on safety precautions and geographic constraints), and learn from people with decades of experience in the nonprofit sector. 

The Operations Associate will be supported by the Operations Manager and the Managing Director. They must be able to function in a mission-driven environment, poised, detail-oriented, adept at managing logistically challenging situations, and able to operate with a problem-solving mindset. 

An interest in social justice, entrepreneurship, and non-profit management are helpful for successful candidates.

Other Responsibilities Include:

  • Attending and taking concise (yet comprehensive) notes in bi-weekly client meetings
  • Accurately and efficiently transferring action items from client meeting notes into the company project management system, Asana
  • Working with and consulting with internal client teams to ensure all project deadlines are tracked and met
  • Tracking highly detailed, client-specific information into Asana in real time (example: when grants are won, the company documents the funder, the amount, the terms, the subsequent reporting deadlines, etc.)
  • Conducting client research as needed (example: using the company database to look for potential funders)
  • Working with the Operations Manager to update marketing collateral and co-manage the company’s social media calendar
  • Assist in the tracking of company-wide data and metrics
  • Assisting the Operations team in their effort to renew and streamline the current company-wide operations manual
  • Assisting with client appreciation and experience efforts
  • Copy editing company communications such as blog posts, newsletters, and social media copy

Required Skills and Experience

  • Predictive Mindset – As a member of the Operations team, it is absolutely essential that the Operations Associate understand and internalize the matrix of connections between the company’s systems, staff responsibilities, and client experiences. As such, the person in this position must have the ability to predict the potential effects of their actions or inactions on the company, their colleagues, and their clients and act accordingly. 
  • Nonprofit Sector – The person in this position must have an interest in the nonprofit sector and/or volunteer experience with a nonprofit organization.
  • Communication – The person in this position must be able to effectively (meaning without ambiguity or animosity) communicate with colleagues, clients, and others in a direct and respectful manner and must prioritize direct communication as the most effective means of conveying meaning. In other words, say what you mean and mean what you say. Additionally, the person in this position must be able to proactively communicate with their colleagues and their supervisor regarding their projects. 
  • Entrepreneurship – The person in this position must have an interest in or experience with entrepreneurship, as well as an entrepreneurial mindset..
  • Accountability – We are a highly effective, collaborative team across the country and in multiple time zones. As a result, the person in this position must be highly comfortable with a remote working environment, including video calls and using time-tracking software. 
  • Work/Life Balance – Spark Point Fundraising acknowledges that working full-time in a pandemic is challenging in many different ways, both personal and professional. With this and our commitment to our clients in mind, we provide high-quality service Monday through Friday from 10AM to 6PM EST. All of our clients are briefed on this expectation because maintaining a healthy work-life balance enables us to recharge and continue serving our clients to the best of our ability. 
  • Ingenuity – The person in this position must have experience with creating, designing, or otherwise coming up with a new idea, creating a plan for executing on the idea, and completing the execution of said plan. 
  • A Commitment to Ending Racism – Our commitment to equity is not superficial. Spark Point, like many organizations, is on a journey to eliminate racism and white supremacy from its operations and corporate culture. If this resonates with you, then you are a good fit for this company. 


The Operations Associate will receive a salary of $48,000 annually. In addition to financial compensation, Spark Point will offer the following additional benefits:

  • Health Insurance – 100% employer-sponsored
  • 401K – After six months of employment; 3% of salary plus an additional employer match of up to 3%.
  • Paid Time Off – 15 days (accrued from first day of employment; available for use after 90 days)
  • Sick Leave – 24 hours (3+ work days)
  • Holidays – 10 Federal holidays; office closure the last week of the calendar year; day after Thanksgiving
  • Professional development – $500 per year to pay for conferences, seminars, or other professional development opportunities
  • Bonus Eligibility – Employees are eligible for quarterly bonuses. The amount of bonus earned is based on both the company’s financial performance as well as individual performance (based on predetermined key performance indicators). 

To Apply: To apply for the Operations Associate position, please provide your information, resume, cover letter, and three professional references via our Google Application. The Google Form will require you to sign in. While it uses a Google interface, you can sign in from any email account. If you do not wish to write a cover letter, in lieu, you can submit a document with 4-6 sentence responses to each of the prompts below. Please note that if you choose this option, a resume and three professional references are still expected. 

  1. How do you stay focused when you are learning a complex concept or working on detail-heavy tasks for significant periods of time?
  2. Describe your preferred system of time and/or task organization (whether personal or professional). 
  3. Tell us about your experience (if any) with project management systems (Asana, Monday, Wrike, etc.). Considering your user experience, what is one feature you would have either added or improved and why?
  4. Describe your learning style. Do you prefer to be coached step by step until you are comfortable, just dive in to figure it out, or be provided with how-to notes and documentation? 
  5. If applicable, tell us about your experience serving clients. What is one valuable thing you learned?
  6. If you were the director of a foundation that had $500,000 to give, what amount and to what organization(s) would you give and why?
  7. Explain your interest and/or passion with respect to social justice work.

Spark Point Fundraising will be accepting applications for this position through January 20, 2022. 

Spark Point Fundraising LLC provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability or genetics. In addition to federal law requirements, Spark Point Fundraising LLC complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in Washington, DC.