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For Grant Seeking Success, Get Good at Building Relationships

By Spark Point / September 18, 2023

As a development director, chances are high that you have a prospect research spreadsheet that’s beautifully color-coded, categorized, and diligently updated. You’ve put in the time to find foundations likely to support your mission, but despite the intense labor of love, you’re no closer to detangling the web of prospect research — or securing meaningful…

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Tiara Nicole Riley Lives Life Intentionally

By Spark Point / September 13, 2023

Tiara Nicole Riley is a life coach, motivational speaker, author and HR manager. She also serves as a board member for Stillborn And Infant Loss Support (SAILS), a nonprofit dedicated to helping people who have been affected by the loss of a baby. She began working as a life coach, motivational speaker, and published author…

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Pinpoint Your Organization’s Place on the Appeal Spectrum

By Spark Point / September 7, 2023

A donor has a range of motivations for giving to a particular cause. If you can identify what type of donor aligns with your mission, you can make your fundraising strategy much more efficient because you know exactly who to target. Enter: The Appeal Spectrum, a concept from author Tom Ralser’s book, ROI for Nonprofits:…

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Thrive With Restricted Funding: How to Diversify Your Nonprofit’s Revenue

By Spark Point / August 18, 2023

Securing funding has never been more challenging. In the aftermath of the pandemic, donor funds have dwindled, expenses continue to rise, and demands on your organization are relentless. It’s more important than ever to diversify your funding streams and maximize your potential revenue sources.  The question is how? Rethink your restricted funding strategy. It’s more…

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Destany Story is Dedicated to Supporting Young Black Women on Their Leadership Journeys

By Spark Point / August 16, 2023

Destany Story is the Program Director of Women Empowering Nations, a nonprofit organization that supports girls of color across the globe as they follow their paths to executive leadership.  “The passion of my work is to connect women,” Destany shares. Growing up in Memphis, Destany attended a charter high school that was staffed by Teach…

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Tatiana Washington Believes in the Power of Mentorship and Doesn’t Let Fear Hold Her Back

By Spark Point / August 2, 2023

Tatiana Washington is the Senior Director of Secondary Partnerships at OneGoal in Chicago, an organization dedicated to creating equitable opportunities so all young people can realize their postsecondary dreams. “You know, when you’re meant to do something, you feel it!” Tatiana says. “Growing up, that was me. I’ve always gravitated towards service.” From a young…

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Sustainably Secure Grants: A Nonprofit’s Guide for Harnessing Funding Support – eBook

By Spark Point / July 31, 2023

In your pursuit of change, you have a lot of to-dos. Among them may be to apply for a grant (or several). Maybe you’ve never done this before and don’t know where to start. Or you need a refresher and some new ideas to make an impact. No matter where you are in your grant-seeking…

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Want to Win at Grant Writing? Stick With Humans—Not ChatGPT

By Spark Point / July 24, 2023

AI tools like ChatGPT for grant writing may seem like a smart solution for your nonprofit, but human expertise still wins out. Learn the key reasons why.

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Krystal Ramseur Knows the Power of Mission-Driven Work

By Spark Point / July 19, 2023

Krystal Ramseur is the Chief Operating Officer of The National Council of Negro Women, a nonprofit organization founded in 1935 that aims to empower Black women and families, especially in the areas of health, education, social justice, and economic development. This role is a dream job for Krystal, who has always valued community-building. “My dad…

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Keyla Marte Believes You Don’t Need All the Pieces to Start Following Your Passions

By Spark Point / July 5, 2023

Keyla Marte is the founder of Keyla Consulting where she works as a business strategist and project manager for nonprofits focused on helping underserved communities. Keyla was raised by a single mother in an underserved neighborhood and has always been an advocate for communities that tend to be forgotten. “I went to a public school…

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