Investor Mindset


Every organization needs a fundraising strategy in order to meet its goals.

But every organization is different, and at Spark Point, we have the experience and ingenuity to develop strategies tailored to maximize your unique opportunities and overcome your challenges. A cornerstone of our success is our perspective. At Spark Point, we see your funders as more than donors—they’re investors, and they’re eager to see how their investment leads to impact.

Case Study: NFID

It’s a common problem: As funders exit the space or shift priorities, established nonprofits find themselves competing for a dwindling pool of funds to support critical work. But with a simple change in thinking, NFID was able to shift their whole perspective on fundraising and adapt to a changing landscape.

When you see your funders as investors, you work to understand their motivations and mission as deeply as your own, because you know that the most valuable partnerships come when your goals and your investor’s goals are deeply aligned.

Are you ready to treat your funders as investors and spark your fundraising?

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