Spark a Match


Grants are a cornerstone of the nonprofit ecosystem, and Spark Point’s expert grant writing team is here to help.

We have secured more than $30 million in grant funding for clients in health care, human services, and the arts—and we can’t wait to work with you.

Case Study: Global BrightLight Foundation

They thought they needed a grant writer, but grants are just one piece of the puzzle. Through deep collaboration, Spark Point identified hidden gaps, helping to secure more than $50,000 in new funding.

How have we achieved these amazing results for our clients?

By being strategic in our grant writing. While some grant writers will seek to apply for any grant and charge you for volume, we set a higher bar. Instead, we focus on building relationships: sparking a match between your organization’s mission and a potential funder’s goals. In doing so, we increase efficiency and raise the odds of securing funding, while helping to build long-term partnerships that will benefit the health of your organization for years to come.

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