Overcoming Challenges to Reach Strategic Growth Goals

JOIN for Justice envisioned the expansion of their operations by increasing their operating budget by $600,000. This bold move was necessary to support their strategic plan, which aimed to broaden their online learning work and develop change makers. 

Not only did they face a massive undertaking in raising the appropriate funds to support their work, but they were inadequately staffed, relied on foundations as a main source of revenue, and depended on high-net-worth donors. They sent out RFPs to find a partner in devising a plan.

A Guiding Hand: Spark Point's Comprehensive Fundraising Solutions

With Spark Point’s expertise in fundraising strategy and planning, donor cultivation and management, and a proven tracklist of success and genuine care for clients, they were a good match to help JOIN for Justice achieve their goals.

“It really felt like Whitney [and team] were going to come up with something interesting that made sense for us in our unique time and place, not some cookie cutter thing that they just used as their standard approach and adjusted here and there for a client.”

—Elana Kogan, Director of Development, JOIN for Justice

Through the Strategy Spark program, JOIN for Justice learned the essential skills to craft and execute a targeted fundraising plan, foster meaningful relationships with potential donors, and implement necessary steps to achieve their ambitious financial goals. 

They also received supportive direction to hire a development staff member to spearhead the fundraising strategy, a new role for the organization. The new hire had a significant impact JOIN for Justice's implementation of the fundraising strategy and growth plan and managing donor relationships.

"Spark Point was really clear on finding an entrepreneurial person, but also one who could help us build our systems. And so we hired someone like that with their guidance… that's been nothing short of a game changer for us." — Elana Kogan, Director of Development, JOIN for Justice

The combined expertise of Spark Point's advice and JOIN for Justice’s staff (including the newfound development staff member) enabled the social justice nonprofit to excel in their fundraising efforts and demonstrate the power of a dedicated team.

Rising to the Occasion: Adapting and Succeeding Amidst Economic and Societal Uncertainty

Along with being open to learning new fundraising methods and donor cultivation tactics, JOIN for Justice's success came down to adaptability. 

Spark Point’s fundraising plan laid a solid foundation that allowed JOIN for Justice to adjust its strategies while staying on track to achieve its strategic vision even amid unprecedented events like the COVID-19 pandemic and a wave of racial justice activism. But the organization’s willingness to trust in the plan, come up with innovative solutions, and trust in the strategy made success possible.

Reaping the Rewards: Achieving Fundraising Goals, a Critical New Hire, and Strategic Prowess for Future Fundraising 

JOIN for Justice's ability to remain adaptable and focused on the end goal enabled them to secure long-term, multi-year gifts for the first time, contributing to their overall fundraising success. Other catalytic results include: 

  • Over $2 million in new dollars raised towards their goal of $2.8 million by 2023
  • Hiring a full-time Development Officer who enabled the organization to pursue their fundraising strategy 

JOIN for Justice’s achievements highlight the importance of embracing knowledgeable guidance, hiring the right staff, and maintaining positivity and adaptability in the face of uncertainty.


"Spark Point was an amazing thought partner and helped us develop a strategy  that was creative, bold, and achievable, and would enable us to raise the funds needed to implement our strategic growth plan. They tailored their work to our unique circumstances, and they brought experience, expertise, and fantastic listening skills, and it led to an incredibly strong set of deliverables -  our growth campaign strategy and detailed plan to achieve our goals  Spark Point was responsive to us at every turn, and we really felt they were “in it” with us. They were great to work with throughout the process and I am grateful for our strong partnership.  If we need to go through another planning process like this in the future, we will definitely reach out to them."

Elana Kogan, Director of Development
JOIN for Justice, Boston MA

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