Financial Benchmarking and Growth Strategy


Giving Across Generations: Sparking Connections With Donors From Silent to Z

By Spark Point / January 24, 2024

Whether direct mail or DMs, it’s important to know how to communicate with donors of different generations. The individual giving market is the largest and most flexible segment of philanthropy available to nonprofits, with the Silent Generation (born 1925-1945) and Baby Boomers (1946-1964) making up 70% of giving. That means there are multitudes of ways…

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Don’t Count on Giving Tuesday to Reach Your Fundraising Goals 

By Spark Point / October 31, 2023

There are two constants on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving: Leftover turkey sandwiches and Giving Tuesday. Do you know which one is hurting your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts?  At first glance, Giving Tuesday, seems like a powerful engagement tool for nonprofits to activate online donors at a time when consumers already have their wallets out, right? Unfortunately,…

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For Grant Seeking Success, Get Good at Building Relationships

By Spark Point / September 18, 2023

As a development director, chances are high that you have a prospect research spreadsheet that’s beautifully color-coded, categorized, and diligently updated. You’ve put in the time to find foundations likely to support your mission, but despite the intense labor of love, you’re no closer to detangling the web of prospect research — or securing meaningful…

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Thrive With Restricted Funding: How to Diversify Your Nonprofit’s Revenue

By Spark Point / August 18, 2023

Securing funding has never been more challenging. In the aftermath of the pandemic, donor funds have dwindled, expenses continue to rise, and demands on your organization are relentless. It’s more important than ever to diversify your funding streams and maximize your potential revenue sources.  The question is how? Rethink your restricted funding strategy. It’s more…

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Rev up Your Nonprofit’s Revenue With a Diversified Fundraising Strategy

By Whitney Brimfield / May 9, 2023

Strengthen your nonprofit fundraising strategy & the impact of your mission. Learn why diversified funding is key to increasing your organization’s revenue.

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